Psychopaths Don’t Procrastinate. They Get Shit Done.

Jay Clair
2 min readMar 17, 2022

The bad news is that psychopaths get things done. Psychopaths don’t procrastinate, they work slowly. They may not be the fastest workers in the world, but they get the job done.

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The good news is that psychopaths are relatively rare, and because they don’t procrastinate they can get more done in a day than you can imagine. There is also something to be said for always working on what’s important and getting it done with minimal effort.

Thanks, psychopaths.

The reason psychopaths don’t procrastinate is that they have no emotions. And because of their lack of emotional attachment to the past, the future is irrelevant to them.

If you are unaware that an important goal exists, then it doesn’t matter if this goal is achieved tomorrow or next week. It is only when you make a clear and conscious plan, that you have to start doing something about it.

Psychopaths are focused on the present and the future is meaningless to them. Since they have no emotions, psychopaths do not feel any regret or guilt. You can imagine how difficult it is to feel emotions if someone can kill a complete stranger at random and feel nothing while doing it. Weirdos.

Psychopaths are very concerned with their own well-being, but they are not concerned with yours. They have no regard for whether you live or die, because it won’t affect them in any way. Lovely people they are.

The good news

Given my tendency to procrastinate, I now have confirmed that I am not indeed a psychopath. So to all my fellow procrastinators. Congratulations on not getting shit done! At least you ain't no psychopath.



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